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This book is the modern day survival primer for solving modern day survival problems! It will teach you the techniques to not just survive, but to use ingenuity and household items to solve your problems scientifically with a bit of primitive know how thrown in. A complete and detailed section utilizing explicit drawings and easy to understand photographs covers thoroughly the topic of survival trapping using Modern Snares, Deadfalls, Conibear Traps, and Primitive Snares.

"Ron Fosters, The Rural Ranger, is essential for long term survival in the country or the suburbs, to insure you survive and thrive! Build a solar oven or pasteurize water -its all in here! Catch your dinner, then cook it or preserve it too! Food procurement is the name of the game -along with purified water in a survival or disaster situation. Are you ready?"

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Quarantine Post 911 Paperback – December 11, 2007 by Ron Foster  (Author)

You will find here a Citizens Guide to Survival Preparedness for Pandemic & Bioterrorism Related Illness. Do You Actually Know What It Will Be like to Be Placed in Quarantine or Isolation? Do You Know What Legal Basis The Government Will Use To Halt Travel, Barricade Roads, Detain Tourists, And Force Inoculations?

This is but a few of the measures the government plans to impose on the public. Should an epidemic break out in the United States, are you and your family prepared for this likely event? Will you be able to cope?

Get the inside story and Facts You Need To Know Before The Next Pandemic Strikes or The Avian Flu Mutates. This book was researched and written by an Emergency Management Administration And Planning Specialist, who wants to share his knowledge and increase your chances of survival.

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The Possum Prepper Guide Paperback – January 1, 2013 by Ron Foster (Author]

Possum Prepping is different from normal prepping because your focus is on sustainable long term survivalism with a slant toward self sufficiency. A detailed explanation of using country wisdom, along with frugalness and modern technology, to be able to adapt and thrive both before and after a disaster, is included. Informative drawings of traps and snares, as well as other food procurement techniques show you just how to make it work. The book uses a modern 'hands on' approach of utilizing common household items to enable the average person to actually take a box, a cooking bag and a piece of cordage and be able to feed themselves and purify water. A must read for everyone!

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The Bug Out Gardening Guide: Growing Survival Food When It Absolutely Matters (Kindle Edition) - by Ron Foster  (Author), Pat Lambert (Photographer) - 358 pages (estimated)

What exactly is Bug Out Gardening? Having your own garden in your own back yard is great but what if you must evacuate and have to go to a remote location or start up a garden on a bunch of bad soil? Most preppers already realize that besides having dried foods and stored foods for a disaster, one can also have fresh grown foods supplementing their diets. This book will teach you how simple it can be to take a garden with you when you bug out or take along the materials with you to create a small survival garden. It would be better than just being basically prepared! Learn about growing vegetables from scratch when it absolutely matters and you find the stores are all closed and that you lack basic materials.

Envision a portable system of gardening that you can instantly create your homestead with or take along for a long-term bug out situation. Imagine that this system allows you to garden anywhere, compost anywhere and thrive everywhere. Everyone should have access to healthy organic food and this is gardening made easy.

Whether your plan is to bug out or bug in, whether or not you want to start a garden on your balcony or move to the country someday, this is the system for you. Learn gardening tips and tricks along with survival. Plant your very own portable medicinal garden and gain experience with remedies. Learn to grow food in a disaster and feed your family. This and so much more is included in this book. Gain the knowledge of how to create a Bug Out garden that can be assembled anywhere or explore systems to double your current gardens output and sustainability in a small space. This book includes a Preppers Herbal Guide to medicinal plants and their uses.

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