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The Great Unraveling: A Prepper's Perspective - Paperback – Large Print, December 29, 2012 by Ron Foster  (Author)

This is the first in a series of stand alone and interconnected short stories for preppers. A lot of preppers the author knows suggested Ron consider giving them their “fix” of prepper fantasy in this type of short story format.

This particular installment is about a prepper surviving after a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) has devastated the electrical grid. Cars and Trucks can still move in most parts of America but they can’t get any gas. The threat of bioterrorism looms as the U.S. and it's allies go to war as modern technology dependant society is stopped dead in its tracks. Martial law and global famine has begun.

Can the books characters survive? Could you? Where does this post-apocalyptic tale go from here? Follow this series of action and adventure page turners to find out. The book is written in the perspective of a prepper thinking about how he is going to deal with the ever expanding post-apocalyptic situation and melt down of society.

These short stories Ron writes of an 'end of the world' based adventure and action fiction series are meant to be viewed in a similar fashion as a commercially produced movie. Hours of enjoyment and pleasure for a very cheap price, and the only difference is the movie will play in your head instead of be on a TV or movie screen. Enjoy your own gifted and wonderful imaginations my friends!

A Savage Awakening: A Prepper's Perspective (Volume 2) - Paperback – Large Print, January 16, 2013 by Ron Foster  (Author)

This is the second in a series of stand-alone and interconnected short stories for preppers. The survivors of a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that has devastated the electrical grid are trying to cope in a darkened world as society collapses. It is the morning of day seven in this post-apocalyptic world and from the news on the radio, it appears WWW III has already begun.

How long until the batteries in the radios and flashlights fail? How long until a light in the night, or the sound of a generator running signals not hope and coping, but makes a target to the desperate and unprepared? Join the prepared preppers as they try to 'bug in' and hide from a world about to be going mad. Can they hold on to their sanity and food preparations in this dystopia? Will their preps be sufficient? Welcome to their world.

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Empty Aisles & Empty Hearts (A Preppers Perspective) - Paperback – Large Print, March 2, 2013 by Ron Foster  (Author)

This is book three of A Prepper's Perspective series finds the survivors of a Nuclear EMP watching the world around them spin out of control. The grocery store shelves are empty with no resupply in sight. Societal breakdown and food riots are inevitable. The preppers have to now rely upon all their wisdom and supplies alone in order to survive, possibly a few more days or meager months. Force multipliers in the form of state sponsored and radical terrorist acts, cyber warfare and the release of a militarized virulent strain of Smallpox to accompany the attacks on the western world, as the global economy and environment begin their death throes. Can you prep to survive Armageddon; or is the final destiny of man already being written to conclusion?

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A Pox Upon Us (A Preppers Perspective) (Volume 4) - Paperback – Large Print, June 12, 2013 by Ron Foster  (Author)

Book four of the A Prepper's Perspective series finds the survivors of a state sponsored EMP attack on America`s electrical grid facing the new danger of a terrorist released small pox virus. Without a viable vaccine the preppers revert to self quarantine and untried old Indian remedies to combat the virulent plague sweeping the world.

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A Preppers Perspective [Kindle Edition] Ron Foster (Author)

"Another great book by Ron Foster. I love this guy as an author and he just has a knock for drawing his readers in."

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