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""The Prepper's Road March" series of books by Author Ron Foster are available on I highly recommend all the books in this series. They have really opened up my eyes to other realms of prepping I hadn't considered and I've really learned a lot from these books." Watch the Video to the left.

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" is a terrific journey through the difficult scenarios of cataclysm and collapse of our society and how others work through it... I also loved the southern culture he effectively incorporated in it."

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"...he uses these creative storylines as a tool to educate and show us all; preparedness

minded and otherwise, how to survive any world as we know it sharing tips and suggestions and yes even prepper-products along the way to get us to think."

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Alabama Prepper Fiction

"A Preppers Perspective"

Prepper Fiction and Facts in the Media

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Southern prepper fiction author, Ron Foster has shared his vast knowledge in a large library of books about survival and preparedness, both fiction and nonfiction. He is best known for his "southern prepper fiction"- a term that he coined. Even his prepper fiction books are loaded with survival and self sufficiency techniques that one can learn from. Ron Foster's knowledge in his field is extensive and has well prepared him for writing about survival in a post-apocalyptic world, where society has broken down.

He has had many competencies in his background including, being a Gemologist (diamond and colored stone appraiser), an Investment Banker, an Army Soldier and an Air Force Airman. Other skills landed him as a Corporate Administrator and Entrepreneur in many different capacities. Ron has also received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Empire State College in Human Services, with a specialty in Emergency Management Administration and Planning, at the age of 50. He has a Masters of Administrative Science (MAS) Degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University with seven graduate certificates.

Certifications include: Alabama Emergency Managers Association (Certified Emergency Manager), National Association Of Safety Professionals (Certified Emergency Management Specialist), FEMA Professional Development Certificate Series awarded.

Graduate Certificates in: Administrative Science, Emergency Management Administration, Global Security and Terrorism Studies Certificate, Displaced Persons Certificate, School Security & Safety Administration Certificate, Law and Public Safety Administration, and Non Profit Organization and Management.

He also holds a Masters of Science  Degree from Capella University in Human Services.

Read one book written by Ron Foster, and you'll want to read more. You'll be sure to enjoy, and you'll have a few tricks up your sleeve when your done! Tricks that could save your life.

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